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The online payment landscape can be complex. Today, businesses need to move quickly to stay one step ahead of fraudsters. That’s why PAYONE E-Payment has the perfect solution for you. Boost your business line of defense with our Fraud Detection Module (FDM). How? We offer you a flexible range of features that you can customise to suit your needs.

For example, you can:

  • Block transactions by IP addresses or by location from where the cards were issued.
  • Control and configure how 3-D Secure (3DS) transactions are handled if and when they go wrong.
  • Easily set minimum and maximum limits per transaction, per card and/or per period.

Fight off fraudulent transactions in real-time and accept payment with confidence. Use our Fraud Detection Module today.

Contact us to set up the Fraud Module in your account.

Send Fraud parameters in transaction requests

Once we have configured the module in your account, you are now ready to send transaction requests evoking Fraud checks.

The actual Fraud check covers two steps:

  1. Add the properties in the fraudfields object that are relevant to either of the list(s) and/or rules to a CreatePayment/CreateHostedCheckout request. A typical request looks like this:
      "cardPaymentMethodSpecificInput": {
        "card": {
          "cvv": "451",
          "cardNumber": "4012005616165343",
          "expiryDate": "1221",
          "cardholderName": "Wile E. Coyote"
        "isRecurring": false,
        "paymentProductId": 1,
        "transactionChannel": "ECOMMERCE",
        "threeDSecure": {
          "externalCardholderAuthenticationData": {
            "cavv" : "AAABBEg0VhI0VniQEjRWAAAAAAA=",
    "cavvalgorithm": "0",
            "directoryServerTransactionId" : "f25084f0-5b16-4c0a-ae5d-b24808a95e4b",
            "eci" : "7",
            "threeDSecureVersion" : "2.1.0"
    "fraudFields": {
    "customerIpAddress": ""
      "order": {
        "amountOfMoney": {
          "currencyCode": "EUR",
          "amount": "100"
        "customer": {
          "billingAddress": {
            "countryCode": "NL"
        "references": {
          "merchantOrderId": 123456,
          "merchantReference": "oGPc8xJURfpFitBa6ORrpkBuPoGpvD"

  2. Our platform compares the fraudfields properties with what we have configured in your account. If there is a match, our platform will block or accept the transaction
  • A blocked transaction due to (suspected) Fraud reaches statusCode=2
  • Object CardPaymentMethodSpecificOutput.FraudResults of a GetPayment requests contains detailed information about why a transaction has been accepted/blocked

7. Understand transaction error codes

If our platform rejects a transaction and puts it to status 2, we always provide an error code. This code provides you with detailed information about the rejection. Consult our Fehlerbehebung guide to refine your Fraud module settings for higher conversion rate!

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